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Coach Tracy,

I am pleased to have you coaching my daughter!!!  I LOVE your enthusiasm with the children and your outgoing personality is absolutely perfect when teaching little people, I really appreciate that!!!

-Deborah & Amie Blanchard

Newport Coast/ Tiny Twisters


Hi Coach Tracy!

Congrats on training more teachers! I’m selfishly thrilled to hear that you’ll still be teaching the Tuesday class though! Me and my mom friends talk about your amazing energy…and I think you have the most engaging & fun personality (= best teacher) of all the classes we’ve been in the past couple of years. Can’t wait to see you next month-yay!!

-Bridget & Beatrice Fulco

Newport Beach (Tumble Bugs)


Dear Dayle,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with others:

“Dayle is an extremely caring, dedicated individual. As a former employee, I can say she showed, and still shows, interest in her employees and always makes their happiness a priority. Owning a gymnastics training program, working with children is a requirement. Dayle is always very patient, loving, and encouraging for the kids, and I’ve never seen anyone be able to cheer up a child as well as Dayle. I would definitely recommend her and her company to anyone looking for cheery and uplifting friendships and jobs!”

-Brittany Egbert: Current Fitness Instructor at Pure Barre,

Former Gymnastic/Cheernastic Instructor at Tumble-N-Kids, Inc.


I just wanted to say Thanks A Bunch for the great gymnastic classes that were offered this summer. Elise is a great teacher with so much patience !!! This was our first time attending a class like this and my son really enjoyed it. It has really increased his motor skills while having fun !!!

We will see Tumble -N-Kids, Inc next summer for sure !!!

Keep up the good positive work !!!

Rochelle Evans


Dear Teacher Dayle,

Milani and I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing job that you do! Your enthusiasm is contagious! Most people would be drained after an hour with 20 toddlers, but you just become more energetic.

You do a wonderful job and it shows how much you enjoy it. Milani and I took your classes last year (she was 1 1/2) and it’s amazing how much more she can do this year. She loves doing the positions of the day at home as well as “spider walk” and “slithering” like a snake (she even says, “head down”).

Keep up the fantastic job!

Thank You!

Michelle & Milani Johnson (Tootsie-Rollers class)


Hi Dayle,

My daughter has been doing your Tumble-N-Kids classes since she was 1 year old. My husband and I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with how much she has learned. She is now two and loves going to tumbling each week. She is currently taking the Monday class with Melanie and loves it so much. When I get home from work she tells me all about her day at tumbling. She knows the songs and all the moves she has been taught.

I don’t have the privilege to take her on Monday, but my husband does and he brags very much about instructor, Melanie. He says our daughter can not wait to get in the door and hug Melanie. She is a great teacher with a lot of PATIENCE, which to me is very important. I am a kindergarten school teacher and know what it takes to have patience. I am very fortunate that Tumble-N-Kids offers such a great program!

My husband and I just wanted to let you know, Dayle, how much we are enjoying these classes for our daughter and we highly recommend them to our friends and any other families who are looking to put their child in some sort of activity. Your Tumble-N-Kids program, classes, staff, students and parent interest reflect the genuine enthusiasm you project and you have been so helpful in directing us to the appropriate classes for our daughter.

Again we thank you for making these classes available and affordable!!!


Mike,Tanya & Makayla Bishop


Dear Dayle,

I wanted to write you this letter in regards to Mrs. Elise Gary, our Lakewood class instructor. My children have been taking classes with Mrs. Elise for almost 5 years now. We have had the most wonderful experience with Mrs. Elise. She is such a wonderful and charasmatic teacher. My two daughters look forward to the summer so they can see her and have classes with her. My son James has been in her classes for over a year. The minute he was old enough we signed him up. She has been beyond accomodating. My son has Spina Bifida and his lesion is very high and has limitations. She has always gone above and beyond to make sure he has had the most amazing experience. She saw him with his walker and said he needs to use it at class so he can be more involved. Since then he loves class even more!! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful teacher in my children’s lives. To have such a beautiful heart and to make sure my special needs child has the most complete experience just speaks to what an amazing instructor she is. I look forward to having Mrs. Elise for more classes in the future.
Thank you,
Laura Good – mother of Madeline, Katelyn and James Good



Tumble-n-Tunes CD Reviews

My son, who is almost 2 years old, loves the Tumble-N-Tunes CD.  After I purchased the CD, my son wanted to play it all the time.  We play the CD in a portable CD player so he can control how many times he wants to hear each song.  He has played the CD non-stop for multiple hours at a time.  When we first purchased the CD, I hid the CD player when he went to sleep, so we could get a break.  Once our son figured out that we were hiding the CD player in the garage, he would take my hand and pull me to the door that led to the garage to let me know he wanted to listen to the Tumble-N-Tunes CD.

My son especially likes the songs “Tumble-n-Tune”, “Pop-n-Hop”, “Balance Beam-n”, “Do the Bump!” and the “Tumble-n-Cheer!”.  During the song “Pop-n-Hop”, he will go to the cupboard, where we keep the plastic grocery bags, and throw the bags around while he is jumping.  When the “Balance-Beam-n” song comes on he walks on this piece of wood that joins our tile and wood floors together.  When the song “Do the Bump!” starts, my son runs to find his tambourine and marches around playing the tambourine.

The songs are upbeat and are all different.  I also like the songs because the words are easy to hear and understand.  Even my son, who is not even two, understands the words in the songs.  When the song says “jump” or “turn around” my son will perform these actions.  In the song “Walk like the Animals” different animals are mentioned and whenever my son hears the word “elephant” he will do the hand sign for elephant.

D. Baker

Huntington Beach

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