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Dayle Lusk, has been the Gymnastics Director/Owner & Instructor since 1985. She is a USA Gymnastics Member/KAT Certified. Dayle has completed the Personal Development Program Level 1 and 2 with USA Gymnastics. Dayle is a writer/publisher member of the American Society of Composers and Publishers. Her emphasis is on teaching students gymnastic fundamentals and how to successfully combine their skills with music and showmanship.

Dayle has combined her gymnastics expertise with her musical talent to write and record songs with RenZone Music using “tumbling” themes to motivate and promote health, fitness and exercise fun.

Dayle enjoys a busy and “sporty” family life with her husband and three sons, but writing, arts/crafts and playing her flute always find a spot in the lineup.





Tracy Elder has been a Recreational Gymnastics Coach for 9 years and is also the Assistant Director of Tumble-N-Kids, Inc. Her passion for gymnastics started when she was 3 years old participating in Mommy-and-Me classes and then continued through adulthood.

After getting married and having 2 kids of her own, she wanted a part time gig doing something fun and exciting.  She found the perfect coaching opportunity and loves dabbling in all types of sports, including Crossfit and Surfing.

She is also a member of USA Gymnastics and is certified in Safety and Risk Management through USAG.



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PHYSICAL BENEFITS – Physical activity is great fun for kids, but there are important health benefits to be had as well. Regular exercise helps your children develop muscle strength, balance, healthy bones and flexibility, as well as a positive body image and high self esteem. We provide an exciting option for parents who know the value of a healthy lifestyle, and the quality of life it can bring for their children.


MUSCLE STRENGTH- Tumbling, jumping, static flexing, and holding their body weight in various positions helps children develop strong muscles. Resistance training is another key factor for helping children build strong bodies. This involves isometric exercises that let kids use their body weight like their own personal weight machine! Over time, these kids get stronger, leaner, and enjoy improved balance and even better posture!


HEALTHY BONES- The very same activities that build lean muscle, also help children build strong, healthy bones. Weight-bearing activities, which the CDC defines as any activity that makes your child’s body work against gravity, promote strong bones through exercises that make your kids use their legs, feet, or arms to support their own body weight throughout the activity.


FLEXIBILITY- Another of the awesome health benefits children get through our gymnastic classes is increased flexibility. Our programs involve stretching and moving muscles through their full range of motion. These days, kids find themselves in some pretty odd positions, and good flexibility helps them get into and out of these positions without getting hurt. Enjoying full range of motion also goes a long way toward developing body awareness, reducing tension and improving coordination among other things.


FUN – Because the Tumble-N-Kids, Inc. gymnastic program makes exercise fun for kids, they’ll be much more likely to stay active, even between gymnastics classes. The more we can get children up off the couch and moving, the healthier and stronger they will become.




A truly great program provides stimulating, age-appropriate curriculum and terrific instructors who care about their students. These key elements offer benefits that go far beyond physical fitness. Cognitive, social, and psychosocial benefits might not be as obvious as a toned muscle, but there is no question that they are there.


Cognitive Benefits- When children are physically active, they’re exercising their brains as well as their bodies. In fact, new research suggests a strong connection between physically fit children and academic achievement. Every time you send your kids to our classes, they take part in physical exercise that encourages healthy brain function. Nerve cells multiply and connections in the brain are strengthened. It is not surprising that most children who stay physically active, like our students, are more likely to get better grades than their less active peers.


Social Skills- Children can also gain valuable social skills through physical activities. Aside from simply interacting with their classmates, many facilities encourage teamwork and partner drills during class. The more children can interact with different types of children and personalities, both in school and through after-school programs, the more they will learn to handle conflict and positively relate to others.


Reduced Risky Behavior-  Young people who stay physically active are much less likely to smoke, use alcohol or other drugs, and tend to keep their healthy habits throughout their lives. When children can find positive, active ways to keep busy in a place that you can trust, they will not have to find other, often more risky ways to occupy their time.


Confidence- Instructors using a supportive, mastery oriented approach (our “progressive skill-level development system”) can help budding athletes develop a powerful sense of confidence. While physical activity reduces feelings of depression and anxiety, the right instructors help children develop an “Can-Do” attitude giving them a natural high in knowing they can count on themselves to succeed.

Character- Tumble-N-Kids, Inc. incorporates age-appropriate character education into our classroom experience so children learn to be better citizens. We promote respect, self control, responsibility, confidence, pride, sportsmanship and other character-based concepts that encourage our students of all ages to strive to be the very best person they can be.                        

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