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Tumble-n-Kids, Inc. Gymnastics

Tumble Mission Statement

(TLC = Tumble safely, Learn through fun, Confidence in skills)

Tumble-N-Kids, Inc. is a recreational gymnastic program offering classes for Beg-Adv levels, ages: 8 months – 14 years. Classes are conducted at 10 centers in 5 cities: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, and Riverside CA.

*Benefits of Gymnastics*

Gymnastics is a sport for both genders of any age and ability. The fitness and life skills learned through gymnastics are tremendous. Gymnastics is the foundation of human movement and provides the building blocks necessary for development in ALL sports!

Gymnastics teaches and enhances:

β€’ Speed & Strength
β€’ Agility
β€’ Balance & Flexibility
β€’ Gross Motor Development
β€’ Body & Spacial awareness
β€’ Overall Body Management Skills β€’ Mental Focus
β€’ Coordination
β€’ Teamwork
β€’ Confidence & Self-Esteem

TUMBLE-N-KIDS, INC. classes promote enjoyment, self-esteem, friendship and the FUN, FITNESS AND FUNDAMENTALS of Gymnastics.

*CLASSES FOR AGES: 8 months- 14 years*


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  1. Adaline says:

    Wow!Nice blog and nice video.Thanks for sharing the information. I will love to join you soon.

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